Stonegate’s Accelerator Scheme celebrates biggest cohort

Stonegate Group’s leadership development scheme has hit a new milestone.

Stonegate Group’s leadership development scheme, Accelerator, has hit a new milestone, with this year’s graduating cohort its biggest to date.

The graduating class of 2023 comprises 70 hospitality professionals from across Stonegate Group’s pub and bar concepts, who celebrated their achievements at Birmingham venue Rosie’s alongside peers and mentors.

Structured around three in-depth workshops, the programme focusses on developing individuals within operations as leaders with their own management-style and personal goals.

General and area managers provide a consistent line of support and encouragement throughout the process, which often sees deputy managers promoted and managing their own venues on completion.

"I wouldn’t have chosen a different career for the world," says Yasmin from Be at One, Norwich. "Managing my team, seeing them grow from strength to strength, creating an amazing experience for customers is what I thrive on."

Accelerator’s mentors come from a number of pub and hospitality companies. They bring with them a host of coaching skills and industry-based expertise.

"Accelerator is unparalleled in the industry as it really looks at the individual and what unique attributes and talents they bring to a team," says Stonegate HR director Tim Painter.

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