Look back to move forward 

Blimey. What a year. It’s hard to know where to begin, how to summarise, what negatives to forget and what positives to take away. Please bear with me on the latter, for there are positives, I assure you. 

We’ve taken the opportunity in the final issue of 2022 to strike a fine editorial balance between reflecting on the year gone by and forecasting for the months/year ahead. In fact, it’s often very useful to look back when preparing to move forward, as by assessing the events, product launches, successes and failures across the on-trade, we are able to hold an optimistic finger in the air and highlight the operational areas on the horizon that are hopefully packed with potential.

We have a couple of notable pieces in this issue that shine a spotlight on this year’s triumphs. First, I offer a condensed summary of the year within our ‘Take on 2022’ article, which can be found on page 20. Here you can read about dominating themes that made up the months passed and how these topics will progress into 2023 and beyond. Also, the December edition sees the return of our Products in Review feature, which showcases the product launches from suppliers that made a splash this year and that should be set to feature on a long-term basis within the on-trade (page 50).

Speaking of product launches, last month Pub & Bar teamed up with a couple of its sister publications to secretly bring a new event to the sector. In a bid to offer time-pressed chefs the chance to trial a number of new products behind closed doors, Supplier Innovation Live! made its hospitality and foodservice debut. You can read much more about the format from page 24, but, in short, 16 leading chefs and food development directors got together to blind-taste the latest food innovations from industry suppliers before awarding them a selection of accolades. It was a truly useful day for all involved, which is why it will be making a return next year. 

On behalf of all the Pub & Bar team, I hope you have a booming festive season and see in the New Year with packed out pubs and bars – long may that continue into 2023.

Tristan O’Hana - Editor