Dodo Pub Co. heads to Bristol for next venue

Dodo Pub Co. has announced it will take over The Cross Hands in Fishponds.

Dodo Pub Co. has announced it will take over The Cross Hands in Fishponds, Bristol, its first venue in the city.

Founded in Oxford by Leo Johnson and Chris Manners, the multiple operator specialises in neighbourhood pubs that serve burgers and pizzas

Taking its portfolio to seven, The Cross Hands will be renamed as The All Inn when it opens its doors in May.

"We’ve been wanting to find the right place for a Dodo pub in Bristol for several years now," says Johnson. "Two of us lived there for a while and we all love its vibrancy and the feeling of inclusion that seems to permeate the city. It’s got a great mix of pubs, bars and restaurants, and we firmly believe that our neighbourhood vibe will fit right in."

Located on Staple Hill Road in Fishponds, refurbishment work on the site is due to start straight away.  

Chris Manners, co-founder of Dodo Pub Co.
Chris Manners, co-founder of Dodo Pub Co.

As a solution to empty and underutilised space above pubs, the founders established Dodo Works above its Bottle of Sauce pub in Cheltenham in 2018, with a second Dodo Works above The Part & Parcel, Witney, in 2021.

With 56 desks in Cheltenham and 26 Desks in Witney, over 100 members and three conference rooms, the co-working business has grown into a separate community for the Dodo group.

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