Star to roll out free pint vouchers

Free pint vouchers will be issued for key occasions and calendar opportunities throughout 2023.

Star Pubs & Bars has announced it is to roll out its usage of free pint vouchers for key occasions and calendar opportunities throughout 2023. 

The move follows a successful trial of targeted free pint vouchers using geolocation during the 2022 Six Nations and summer trading period last year. 

The Heineken-owned pubco will fund the full cost of the retail selling price of the pints at each pub, crediting licensees weekly. Vouchers will be tailored to the occasion with, for example, free pints of beer for sporting events or cider during the summer.

Over 2,500 vouchers were redeemed in its 2022 trial and Star expects a higher level in 2023.

The total investment of £200,000 is part of its strategy of driving trade to its pubs via events. At a time when the cost-of-living crisis is impacting customer’s disposable income, Star’s insight reveals a move away from spontaneous pub visits to more planned visits.

"This year is about putting our pubs at the heart of major calendar events and creating experiences that consumers can’t replicate at home," says Cathy Olver, head of marketing for Star Pubs & Bars (pictured). "With consumers feeling the pinch, promotions have a greater role to play than ever. Our trials prove that the timely provision of free pint vouchers using geolocation can be a deciding factor in which pubs customers choose.

"We want all the money to go into our licensees tills as well as increase footfall. Unlike most voucher redemption schemes, we will be reimbursing pubs for the full selling price of the pints directly into their accounts rather than providing a credit to be used against future product purchases."

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