Star installs energy smart meters across estate

Star Pubs & Bars has begun installing gas and electricity smart meters at a third of its pubs.

Star Pubs & Bars has begun installing gas and electricity smart meters at a third of its pubs to help reduce their energy consumption.

The programme means all pubs buying energy through its Star Energy scheme will have the meters by the end of April 2023.

The Heineken-owned pubco has an energy services partnership with Inspired Energy, through which it bulk buys energy on behalf of licensees who wish to participate.

A total of 765 pubs will receive the meters, which will enable them to better understand their consumption patterns and cut their energy usage.

From trials in Start's Just Add Talent managed operator pubs, the business expects licensees to be able to cut their energy use by at least 10% as a result of having a smart meter.

"We’re committed to doing all we can support to licensees in reducing their overheads," says Mark MacDonald, Star Pubs & Bars’ head of pub services. "Our pilots have proved that smart meters are a vital tool in cutting energy costs, allowing licensees to see how much gas and electricity they’re using at different times of day and eradicate unnecessary consumption. With energy bills at record levels, the minimum 10% saving is substantial for licensees."

Under the initiative, Star has also appointed energy experts to analyse usage data from the smart meters and is sending specialist surveyors to 20 of its JAT pubs to monitor how they consume energy.

Based on the findings, all licensees participating in Star’s energy scheme will receive bespoke recommendations on how to best cut their energy usage, taking into account the type of pub they run and the style of their building.

In addition, generic guidance on the most effective ways of reducing pubs’ energy bills will be drawn up and shared with those Star pubs not on the company’s energy scheme.

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