Golf Fang concept to open in Leeds

Big Fang Collective is set to open its latest multi-branded venue in Leeds.

Big Fang Collective is set to open its latest multi-branded venue in Leeds in late autumn this year.

The Liverpool-based entertainment venue operator, which owns both the Ghetto Golf and Golf Fang brands, are planning to open the latest Golf Fang site in Redcote Lane, Kirkstall.

The company, founded by Kip Piper and Daniel Bolger, was founded in 2016 when the duo opened their first Ghetto Golf in Liverpool inside of the 25,000 sq ft Cains Brewery.

Golf Fang offers a twisted 18-hole golf course in an environment surrounded by art, combining crazy golf with theatre, cocktails, DJs and street food. 

“We’re really excited to introduce Golf Fang to the people of Leeds," says Piper. "As a city with a young demographic and a fun atmosphere, Leeds is a great location for the concept. This venue will feature some of our most popular experiential elements as well as a few new courses. We can’t wait to see how our guests will interact with the new space and we’re looking forward to celebrating with everybody.”

The company now owns and operates five sites in Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Sheffield and Glasgow, with its Ghetto Golf, Golf Fang and Birdies Bar brands. Golf Fang Leeds will be its sixth location.

Big Fang Collective is now looking to expand further and acquire new venues across UK cities, with an additional seven already planned to launch over the next two years.

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