ChatGPT creates ‘best cocktail in the world’

AI chatbot ChatGPT has created a recipe for the ‘best cocktail in the world’.

AI chatbot ChatGPT has created a recipe for the ‘best cocktail in the world’, which it has named ‘Heavenly Sipper’. 

The drink came together when the team at drinks app DUSK asked the chatbot to create the world's best cocktail recipe. Heavenly Sipper will now be exclusively available to try at OTHERWORLD in Hackney, east London's virtual reality immersive experience and bar.

The recipe from ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence programme that has taken the world by storm, includes elderflower cordial, honey syrup, anise bitters, lime juice and sparkling wine, garnished with an orange twist.  

The chatbot also created a non-alcoholic version, replacing sparkling wine with sparkling water. 

When asked why the cocktail tastes so great, ChatGPT said: "This Heavenly Sipper cocktail contains less than 50ml of spirit measure, which makes it a lighter but still sophisticated drink that is perfect for those who prefer a more balanced cocktail. It's a refreshing and flavoursome drink that combines the tartness of lime, the sweetness of honey, and the subtle floral notes of elderflower, with a hint of anise flavour." 

Both the cocktail and the mocktail are now available to try for free via DUSK at the VR technology experience and bar. The offer runs until 20 April.

The question is, did ChatGPT write this article?

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