Dom Fernando launches After Dark bar

Sri-Lankan chef Dom Fernando will introduce Paradise: After Dark this month.

Paradise in Soho, run by Sri-Lankan chef Dom Fernando, will introduce Paradise: After Dark this month, a new late night concept that transforms the restaurant from 10pm onwards. 

As evening dinner service winds down, Paradise: After Dark morphs the restaurant into an intimate bar with speakeasy influence.

The restaurant is working with the Sri-Lankan distillery Rockland to ship across some limited edition spirits, including an aged halmilla and spiced coconut arracks, as well as a number of Sinhalese craft rums.

Head bartender Erin Mulkerrin-English will be serving up Sri-Lankan-inspired classic cocktails, and has been working with the restaurant’s chefs to create a selection of zero-waste drinks, such as a pol-roti old fashioned and a smokey clarified bloody mary using leftover ingredients from the kitchen.

Image: Rebecca Dickson

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