Over 500m darts thrown in Flight Club venues

Flight Club Darts achieved a major milestone at the end of January 2024.

Over 5m pub and bar goers in the UK have contributed to throwing more than 500m darts in Flight Club venues.

Red Engine, the team behind Flight Club Darts, announced that its competitive socialising concept achieved the milestone at the end of January 2024.

Created by founders Steve Moore and Paul Barham, Flight Club first launched in 2015 in London’s Shoreditch. It has now opened 12 Flight Club venues across the UK and a further eight franchise sites in the United States and Australia. 

"When we set ourselves the challenge of making darts cool again, never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that a decade on, we’d be 20 venues in and celebrating such a huge milestone," says Moore."We are so grateful to our guests who have visited us in their millions, and it’s because of them that we are constantly innovating and iterating – so that we can continue to give people unforgettable moments of unexpected, ridiculous, joy." 

Red Engine plans to open eight more venues this year. In the UK, Flight Club Oxford, Flight Club Liverpool and Electric Shuffle Manchester are in the works. While in the US, Electric Shuffle NYC is on its way, along with Flight Club Philadelphia and Washington. In Australia, Flight Club Sydney and Melbourne will also open. 

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