Pub atmosphere most important for sports fans

The atmosphere in a pub or bar on game day is the most important element.

A new survey has found that the atmosphere in a pub or bar on game day is the most important element for choosing to watch sport out of home. 

The findings from music licensing company PPL PRS show that 66% of pub goers rank atmosphere as the top factor, but also like that they can order food and drinks while they watch (52%). 

When it comes to sports bars, fans love the atmosphere too (75%), but ranked the ability to order food and drinks as less important (45%).

The data also revealed that sports viewers in the on-trade are not fans of disruptive behaviour from other people (71%), ranking it top of their sports viewing ‘icks’. This was followed by a tense atmosphere (34%) and a disengaged crowd (31%). 

Hey there, sports fans

PPL PRS found that almost three in five people (57%) are regular sports fans, with one in five (21%) saying they will only tune into the big sports games, like the World Cup, demonstrating the value of 2024's Six Nations and Euros tournaments. 

When asked which sports they regularly followed, almost two-thirds (63%) of all respondents shared that football is the favourite, with rugby (18%), tennis (16%) and Formula 1 (15%) following.  

In terms of viewing location, 61% of respondents revealed home is the most favoured venue for watching sports games, and when asked why, 80% ranked comfort overall, but having control over the environment was ranked next by 46% of respondents. 

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