Introducing Bidfood's Menu Solutions: your recipe for simplicity in pub and bar dining!

In the hustle and bustle of commercial kitchens, skill, expertise and time are precious. Chef Martin Eshelby, Bidfood’s Innovations Development Manager offers his top-notch tips for time saving in your kitchen. 

“Low and no cook solutions are a fantastic way to slice the time you spend prepping and cooking in your kitchen in half. Take a pre-cooked chicken breast, for example, either ready to use once thawed or after a quick reheat. You can also buy these pre-marinated in various flavourings, from hot and spicy to buttermilk and rosemary, so you're always ready to go. They are also great for minimising food waste, just defrost what’s ordered!

Pre-cooked chicken wings are another terrific option, simply give it a quick reheat and you have the perfect base to customise. Utilise sauces and toppings you already have in the kitchen, saving you from purchasing more ingredients, while still offering your customers choice and variety.  

Another great thaw-and-serve option is a pre-made salad. Why purchase multiple ingredients and spend time chopping and dicing it all when you can buy it readymade? There are so many options from pasta salads, to bean-based or ancient grains – you don’t have to compromise on flavour or quality!”  

Say goodbye to kitchen stress and hello to kitchen efficiency with Bidfood's Menu Solutions. Let's cook up success together! Discover simple serve solutions at Menu Solutions - Bidfood