Behind Closed Doors to open in Leeds

Behind Closed Doors will take over the former Wire nightclub on Call Lane.

A new cocktail bar is coming to Leeds this summer, marketing itself as having an ethos of 'Sex, Rugs & Funk ’n’ Soul'.

The Behind Closed Doors concept will take over the former Wire nightclub venue on Call Lane. 

Established by Nick Parr in 2015 in Manchester's Northern Quarter, Behind Closed Doors says it is known for its salacious atmosphere with 'sexuality and pleasure-seeking playing' taking centre stage.


When visiting the bar, after ringing a bell and entering through a secret door, customers can choose from an innuendo-packed cocktail menu, featuring the Love Bite, a Penis Colada and a Schlong Island Iced Tea.

The décor features 60s and 70s-inspired design, with erotic pictures, mannequins and adult tv emblazoned on the walls. 

There are also retro phones on every table, encouraging guests to interact with visitors from other tables. 

"Leeds has an enviable reputation for its nightlife, and it was the immediate choice as the location for our second venue," says Parr. "When you visit Behind Closed Doors you enter a liberating, hedonistic atmosphere, where we want guests to release their inhibitions. From the scandalous décor and tempting drinks to the live DJs playing eclectic funk, soul and disco music, we’ve created a place where you can really show your wild side and indulge a few guilty pleasures."

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