Snacking is on the rise with out-of-home sales in this area accelerating by 21% and set to continue growing. In response to this fast-growing market, Santa Maria offers the most customisable snacks on the market – Crispy Rings, Lentil Waves and Corn Cones – enjoyed with a variety of savoury or sweet seasoning.​

These snack bases offer operators to create signature snacks on their bar menus and offer something different to competitors. Similar to a crisp-style product and delivered as pellets so easy to store, Snack Bases are fried in 14-20 seconds and expand up to five times when cooked. In the range there are vegan and gluten-free.

We know that customers are eager to put their own touch to their food and drinks and with the innovative Snack Bases from Santa Maria, there are endless possibilities to do so. Just season them with your favourite spices and as an example - offer BBQ Cones, the Corn Cones sprinkled with our Steakhouse BBQ seasoning or bring the popular trend of Korean to your bar with Kimchi rings, crispy rings topped with our red chilli & ginger seasoning or Curry Lentil waves, our lentil waves with Kerala curry seasoning.​

Santa Maria’s Development Chef, Barnaby MacAdam, says:​

“We encourage pub and bar operators to create signature snacks that are the reason consumers come to their establishment over others. This doesn’t have to mean complex, time-consuming snacks that require high levels of skill to make. Creating DIY snacks from scratch can be made simple.​

“Operators can’t afford to scale back their food offering and miss sales opportunities; equally they can’t offer food without appropriately trained staff. Snack Bases bridge this gap. They are a genuinely easy to create product that can be made fresh-to-order by anyone on the team, offering an additional revenue stream for operators.’

The Crispy Rings are available in 3000 gram packets, Lentil Waves in 2500gram packets and Corn Cones in 3500grams. All variants are ambient with a two-year shelf life. To find out more about Santa Snack Bases range visit: