Stock control is this summer’s essential

Summer is upon us and that means things are heating up for hospitality. Effective stock control is pivotal in ensuring your business can soak up all the benefits summer brings to the industry. Venners are here to help ensure all your sites are ready to have the most profitable summer yet. 

Any busy period requires tactical and intricate planning and preparation to ensure things run smoothly and profitably. Venners offers a partnership that will work with every aspect of a business in every site to make sure operations are running effectively while aiming to protect and boost your profits. 

Stocktaking is key in the preparation for summer it’s the only way to be certain you can cater to all your food and beverage offerings in excess. Accurate stocktaking reports will guarantee boosted profits, optimised margins, and happy customers. 

Hospitality venues will be looking at hosting sporting events, bank holidays, and their own themed events. So, the summer surge brings its own set of parameters that need to be adhered to. Controls need to be optimised to deal with these as well as the general day to day running of each site.

A lot of hard work from teams will go into to maximising revenue opportunities through events during the Summer. But without sufficient controls, much of the extra profit generated will be lost, missed out on, or wasted.  A professional support system will ensure that your business is running as effectively and profitably as possible for the summer and everything in between.