Escapism Bars targets three new cities for expansion

Escapism Bars is planning to roll out its Mean-Eyed Cat concept.

Northern bar group Escapism Bars is planning to roll out its Mean-Eyed Cat concept in three new cities.

With three venues already established in Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester, Escapism is looking to Sheffield, Birmingham and Nottingham to launch venues in 2024 and beyond.

The group says its deep south dive bar concept has had recent success due promotional incentives that appeal to younger drinkers. 

The venues operate a free 'no catch' pizza offer alongside a 'roll the dice' initiative, where customers can get discounts or even a free round of drinks if they roll a six.

"It’s no secret that the backdrop is grim for the UK’s hospitality industry at present, and we’ve undoubtedly felt the pressure as a venue operator," says David Aldred, operations manager for Escapism Bars. "Despite the challenging times, we believe that our ongoing free pizza mechanic and other regular promotions mean we have captured the imagination of punters looking for excellent value for money as they battle the cost-of-living crisis.

"We opened Mean-Eyed Cat, alongside sister bar concept Tiki Hideaway, in Manchester last summer. Thanks to our truly unique proposition and a targeted marketing, PR, social media and influencer marketing campaign, sales were 134% above target in the first full month of opening."

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