Chorlton prepares for new cocktail bar

A new independent neighbourhood cocktail bar is coming to Chorlton in Greater Manchester.

A new independent neighbourhood cocktail bar is coming to Chorlton in Greater Manchester.  

Named 97, because of its location at 97 Beech Road, the bar is expected to open at the end of January.

It is the latest concept by the team behind The Lead Station and Tariff&Dale.  

The menu will be an inventive collection of cocktails. all made in-house by the 97 team, led by general manager and mixologist Ellie Caddick.

Over the summer, Chorlton-native Caddick undertook a six-month tour around Europe, visiting some of the most prestigious bars on the continent, developing her passion for innovative cocktail creation. 

The cocktails will sit alongside a collection of fine wines, craft beers and premium spirits.

“As the space became available right next door to The Lead Station, Ellie had just returned from her travels and she was keen to get involved in a project that would display her skills," says owner Nick de Sousa. "We were discussing how we could do this as the keys literally landed on the table. It just seemed that the stars aligned and 97 was born.

“I have been part of the Beech Road community for more than 20 years and custodian of the Lead Station for the last 15.  Chorlton is a special place with real authenticity and soul, which I’m really proud to be part of. We are hoping 97 will add something new and different to this scene." 

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