Jack Rabbit’s Bunny Points Go Digital

Jack Rabbit is the UK’s number one on-trade wine brand and has a range of affordable brands across key varietals. Earlier this year, Jack Rabbit launched a new 20cl Prosecco format, allowing pubs and bars to offer convenient single serves. 

Jack Rabbit has recently unveiled a new mobile app for its popular Wine Club, allowing its members to engage with the brand and redeem reward points digitally. The app also provides helpful tasting notes, information on wine varietals and food and wine pairing advice. 

This autumn Jack Rabbit has refreshed how its Wine Club members redeem their ‘bunny points’. Previously members had to physically cut out the bunny points from the case of wine and post it, but now a unique code is printed on the inside of the case which can be scanned and redeemed online.

More information on the Jack Rabbit Rewards programme can be found here: www.jackrabbitrewardsme.com