Brewers launch roadmap to net zero carbon

The brewing sector has launched a roadmap to net zero carbon emissions.

The UK’s brewing sector has launched a roadmap to net zero carbon emissions at the Tennent’s Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow. 

Led by the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), Zero Carbon Forum and Carbon Architecture, the roadmap specifically for brewers was launched ahead of COP26.

The guidance will be complementary to the ‘Hospitality Roadmap to Net Zero' launched by Zero Carbon Forum on 19 October, but distinct in recognising the unique challenges of brewing as a key part of UK food and drink manufacturing. 

It aims to provide guidance to the sector to help support breweries across the UK take on an ambitious pathway towards emission reduction targets, which come ahead of those set by the UK and Scottish governments respectively. 

In accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Account and Reporting Standard, the roadmap has been broken down into three ‘scopes’ for reporting purposes. 

Scopes one and two of the roadmap, which focus on direct and indirect emissions from operations, outline the ambition for brewers to reach net zero by 2030. Scope three, which focusses on indirect emissions from supply chains, describes the ambition for brewers to reach by 2040. 

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