Punch provides Euros support for pubs

Punch Pubs & Co is providing its publicans with support ahead of the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament, taking place from 11 June until 11 July. 

The group has created a new sports operating manual called The Dugout, which provides advice, covering everything from creating a vibrant atmosphere to delivering a consistent guest experience for every game. 

Punch operators have also benefitted from sports point of sale kits, provided by the group's suppliers. Punch has also designed its own support kits that have been sent to more than 500 pubs.

This is accompanied by exclusive sports food menus, a guest-driven email marketing plan and a social media schedule with pre-designed assets. 

Punch has also provided new indoor and outdoor TVs to more than 50 of their pubs, as well as 197 additional tables across 31 pubs.

“This year’s Euros has been long awaited by both sport-lovers and publicans," says marketing and strategy director Russell Danks.

"It will provide a vital boost for many businesses, and we have really got behind the Euros campaign providing our publicans with fantastic support to allow them to maximise every opportunity. This expertly crafted support package will undoubtedly kick off a bumper month of sport.”

Five of its top sports pubs have also been nominated to become 'hero sites', and will receive additional, exclusive support including branded takeovers and guests of the venues have had the opportunity to win ticket giveaways for the England games.

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