Scrapyard turns into East End venue

A new clubbing, bar and street food venue is set to open in London’s Canning Town this June, taking the place of a former scrapyard.

A new clubbing, bar and street food venue is set to open in London's Canning Town this June, taking the place of a former scrapyard.  

Built from repurposed shipping containers and spread over 12,000 sq ft of land, Ernie's Yard has been created by the founders of The Cause and Costa Del Tottenham. It will have a license until 11pm. 

Made up from multiple trading areas, one will feature stacked shipping containers, creating an enclosed double-height clubbing space with a balcony split into booths overlooking a dance floor. 

Ernie’s Yard will host multiple 12-hour, open-air dance parties this summer, aimed to capitalise on the much hyped 2021 'Summer of Love'. 

"Back in 2019, we walked past a huge street food and drinks venue built from shipping containers and decided to have a pint," says Stuart Glen, co-founder of Ernie’s Yard. "As we walked in, the bartender explained the lease was up on the site. I immediately thought this structure would be amazing for a party, maybe I can buy it and find some land to move it to. Two weeks later we’d agreed to buy it, put a deposit down and had three months to seal the deal on some land I was after.

"Long story short, two sites fell through and we’ve been juggling where to put 19 40 ft shipping containers for two years. It’s been a sticky situation to say the least, but somehow we’ve managed to pull in some favours, met an East End legend called Ernie and Bob's your father's brother - Ernie’s Yard was born - a killer new daytime space for London."