More promotion for pubs with rooms

More promotion for pubs with rooms

Stay In A Pub has gained extra funding of £700,000 to promote pub accommodation, with two high profile backers offering to help support and guide the company.

Harry Hill, one of the principle backers of Rightmove, has been appointed as non executive chairman. Joining as chief executive is Charles Cryer, formerly a managing director of Capita, the outsourcing company. Paul Nunny, the founder of Stay In A Pub, will still be involved in sales and marketing strategy.

The plan is to try and double the number of visitors to the Stay In A Pub website, with a target of 1m visitors next year. An app is also in the pipeline, as well as a ‘late pub rooms’ booking facility.

“These are exciting times for the sector with the industry investing heavily in pub accommodation,” comments Nunny. “Gone are the old days of pubs used by the likes of blue collar workers. Pubs today can outshine hotels with their offer of eat, drink and sleep. The injections of funding into Stay In A Pub will enable us to market more widely the pub accommodation offer.”