Teams in hospitality call for more wellbeing support

Teams in hospitality call for more wellbeing support

Managers and business owners from within the hospitality sector have issued an urgent call to action to improve employee access to mental wellbeing support.

Nearly half (43%) of managers and business owners cite high stress levels as a key barrier to engaging and retaining workers.

Nationwide research released alongside World Mental Health Day (10 October) has revealed that male staff believe offering workplace wellbeing and mental health support is the single most important factor for improving recruitment in the industry.

More than 250 people in senior positions within the industry took part in the research, alongside a study of more than 1,000 members of the public. It found that male managers championed mental health ahead of offering higher wages and the engagement of parents, schools and government-sponsored apprenticeships.

Female managers and business owners placed emphasis on the role of popular culture and the media, calling for greater visibility of progression opportunities and career prestige.

The hospitality industry has the biggest staff shortfall of any sector in the UK. The research confirms that a landslide 97% of managers currently working in hospitality admit that there are barriers limiting the number of UK people pursuing paths in the field.

Public opinion backs this up, with more than one in four (28%) members of the public identifying perceptions around stress in the workplace as being a barrier limiting the number of people pursuing roles in hospitality.

The research was commissioned to provide recommendations for how the sector can boost recruitment and retention to ensure its survival in a post-Brexit Britain. The findings are outlined in a new industry report, ‘Preserving the Art of Hospitality: Championing the Industry for Post-Brexit Survival’, released by High Speed Training, an online training provider to the hospitality industry.