Customers most critical in the evening, says Feed It Back

Customers most critical in the evening, says Feed It Back

Customers are the most critical in the evening, according to data from Feed It Back.

Feed It Back has analysed hundreds of thousands of reviews across the bar and restaurant industries.

The statistics track customer satisfaction scores across breakfast, lunch and dinner, and show that overall satisfaction is lowest in the evening at 90.8%. This compares to lunch at 92.4%, and breakfast at 93%.

The scores are created by aggregating elements tracked in every guest satisfaction survey by Feed It Back, which scores businesses out of five on six key metrics: food, drink, cleanliness, atmosphere, service and value.

In the results, guests appear particularly critical of atmosphere and value in the evening, with those scoring 4.5 and 4.4 respectively.

Previous Feed It Back research has indicated the majority of special occasion bookings including anniversaries and birthdays take place in the evening. It’s therefore important operators are acting on feedback and potentially providing additional training so they can positive influence the customer experience.

On negative review scores, ‘loud music’ features prominently, so turning down the tunes a few notches could potentially have a positive impact on business.

On the other hand, a ‘quiet’ atmosphere is referenced positively by 11% of respondents over the lunchtime period. Also during lunch, many respondents mentioned the word ‘quick’ in positive reviews.

“Knowing the minute details of what your customer wants is the cornerstone of any good business,” says Carlo Platia, CEO of Feed It Back. “But this challenge is getting increasingly hard for restaurant and bar operators, with the ever-changing wants and needs of consumers driven by evolving trends and increased competition.