SPONSORED STORY: Pledge your allegiance to the league of darkness

SPONSORED STORY: Pledge your allegiance to the league of darkness

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum’s industry-first hub connects pubs and bars with thousands of potential customers, as well as host of rewards

The Kraken is spreading its tentacles far and wide this summer as it compels loyal fans, both consumers and independent purveyors to pledge allegiance to The League of Darkness – the rum’s free online, industry-first engagement and support portal.

Some 600 plus Independent bars and over 14,000 consumers across the UK can keep abreast of the very latest echoes from the murky deep, via signing up to The League of Darkness, too.

The online platform has a host of information that bar owners, managers and staff can sink their teeth into, from bespoke cocktail recipes to exclusive point-of-sale items ranging from mason jars and epic wall murals, to custom branded t-shirts. For bars keen to get their tentacles around other prizes, they can enter regular competitions with winners landing anything from bar make-overs to the chance to host the Kraken’s Freaky Tiki bar and much more!

Glorious riches aside, the active platform opens the trade members to thousands of consumer members, which has potential to increase footfall as it enables followers of the Kraken to find their new favourite local watering hole.

Bar owners or managers simply have to sign up for free and can earn points by completing tasks to show their loyalty, promote the brand, and engage with content that will also benefit their trade.

Importantly, put your wallet away, points equate to currency on The League of Darkness as members will be able to exchange their points tally for rewards, without any additional cost.

In a survey of over 100 trade members in February 2019 – 29% of members claimed that they sold ‘a lot more Kraken’ than they had done prior to becoming a member with a further 46% claiming that they sold a little more Kraken since becoming a member. 93% of our members state that they are very likely to recommend The League of Darkness to other bartenders and bar owners.

To seek The Kraken’s latest offerings, independent bar owners can simply sign up for free at www.tlod.co.uk/pubandbar and use the unique code PUBB19.