Bartending is hospitality's most popular job role

Bartending is hospitality's most popular job role

Hospitality jobs board has revealed that bartending is one of the most sought-after job roles in the industry.

In 2018, more than 7.8m people applied for bartender roles in the UK on the website, which was a 10.7% increase on the year prior. has also seen a 16% uplift year-on-year in the number of these roles advertised.

“Our data shows bartender roles are continuing to increase in popularity, with 4.2m people applying for these roles in London last year – an increase of 15.6% over 12 months,” comments Neil Pattison, director at

“These days consumers are looking for a lot more than just a place to sit down and have a drink.

“As a result, employers are seeking excellent candidates that can help them attract customers and deliver a strong offering that showcases their brand identity.

“The great work environments and opportunity for creativity in these roles are some of the contributors to the rise in applicants looking for bar work – making it an increasingly desirable and sought-after profession.

“For jobseekers who want to make their applications stand out from the crowd, experience within the industry goes a long way.

“Today being a bartender entails so much more than just pulling a pint and there are lots of valuable qualifications which are recognised within the industry, whether it is attending mixology school or gaining a diploma in bartending.”