Scottish study shines spotlight on mental health

Scottish study shines spotlight on mental health

Nearly 60% of people working in Scotland’s hospitality industry have experienced mental health problems at work, a new national survey has revealed.

The study, commissioned by ScotHot – Scotland’s largest trade event for the tourism, hospitality and catering sectors – found that 57% of respondents had experienced mental health issues in the workplace including stress, depression and anxiety.

More than 500 people currently employed in the hospitality sector responded to the survey, with 41% reporting that working in the industry had negatively affected their mental health.

Long hours, a lack of work-life balance and the demands of working in a high-pressure environment were cited as the top three causes of work-related stress in Scotland’s hotels, bars and restaurants.

Full details of the study and its findings will be announced at ScotHot on Thursday 14 March as part of a live panel debate on the Scottish Tourism Alliance Spotlight Stage.