Laine to launch new venue in Catford's oldest pub

Laine to launch new venue in Catford's oldest pub

The Laine Pub Company is opening a multi-level pub venue on the site of Catford’s oldest pub, called Ninth Life.

Ninth Life will incorporate beer, DJs, music, a food market, film-screenings, games nights, live art projects, a nine-room immersive theatre experience and more – all influenced by festival culture.

The team’s creative director Dr Claire MacNeill is keeping Catford’s cultural community central to the refurbishment and its ongoing events programme.

“The Ninth Life is an evolution in the immersive experience we offer our customers, built on the bedrock of a great pub proposition,” comments Gavin George, Laine Pub Company’s CEO.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring it to Catford and breath life back into this fabulous building.”

“We’re developing partnerships with local groups, artists and providers, especially those in Catford, but also all across the city and beyond,” adds MacNeill.

“Please get in touch with any ideas you might have – we invite you to help shape the future of Ninth Life and join us on our journey.”

Ninth Life will be holding its launch party across its opening weekend 7-10 February.