2019 Menu Development Initiatives

2019 Menu Development Initiatives

In addition to extensive consumer research, we know that part of running a business involves checking out what your peers are up to. We do it too: taking inspiration from our sister title Casual Dining Magazine and its annual Inside Eating Out piece, we decided we wanted to hear from some of the industry’s leading operators about how they develop their menus. And we thought you’d like to know as well.

From our conversations, catering to different dietary requirements will continue to dominate with veganism, of course, set to stay. Businesses such as Marston’s and The Alchemist have gotten ahead of the curve by adding a ‘bleeding’ plant-based burger to their menus, ticking that ‘dirty vegan’ trend. Incorporating technology more when creating new menu ideas also cropped up, as did uncertainties around Brexit; the jury’s still out on takeaways and deliveries.

When it comes to developing next year’s menus, factors to bear in mind have certainly become more… expansive. Needs are becoming increasingly varied with higher expectations and the people we spoke to have many thoughts about how they plan to get those guests in. While we had to condense some of the insight down in the December issue, click on any of the names below to enjoy all of the interviews in full.

Seamus O’Donnell, executive chef at The Alchemist Bar & Restaurant

Paul Dickinson, director of food for Fuller’s

Nicola Arrow, Marston’s head of food

Matt Robinson, head of food at Mosaic Pub & Dining

Chris Clawson, head of operations for PubLove

Simon Dobson, director of food for Revolution Bars Group

Alan Todd, S. A. Brain’s head of food

Mark Teed, head of food at Star Pubs & Bars

Nicola Underwood, food development manager for Thwaites