Hospitality mentoring scheme to fast-track female leaders

Hospitality mentoring scheme to fast-track female leaders

UKHospitality has partnered with search firm Odgers Berndtson, Elliotts and BT Sport to launch the first hospitality industry-wide mentoring scheme to help female managers move into more senior roles.

The initiative’s goal is to provide women who want to be considered for senior management roles with mentoring, advice and motivation from objective mentors to help them achieve it.

This is particularly important for the many women who work in very small companies where formal support may not otherwise be available.

“The vision behind this is to give talented women the empowerment and support they need to achieve leadership roles,” says Kate Nicholls, chief executive of UKHospitality.

“We also want to build a network of senior mentors from across the hospitality industry to support the next generation of inclusive leaders.”

“We want more women to believe in themselves and their ability to contribute, at the most senior levels, to the success of their organisations,” adds Holly Addison, head of hospitality and leisure at Odgers Berndtson and a member of the steering committee launching the new initiative.

Odgers Berndston launched its own Charter for Change earlier in the year, having heard from many female candidates across the industry that mentoring had a strong role to play.

The hope is now that potential mentors will come forward – initially making themselves known to participating partners – and that all taking part will help to refer individual women who might benefit from the additional support.