More than half of all adults spend spare time in the pub

More than half of all adults spend spare time in the pub

More than 50% of UK adult consumers are heading to the pub for a drink in their limited spare leisure time, according to recent research from Japanese beer brand Kirin Ichiban.

The survey sought to identify what people do during their spare time, which now averages at 10 hours a week, and what they are looking for in their local pub.

One in four of respondents opt for a Japanese beer, with 67% of people wanting to enjoy a ‘quality beer’ when visiting a pub in their leisure time – and a further 65% of drinkers are keen to try something new while they’re there.

Nearly 80% of people rated philosophy and brand heritage as highly important when selecting a beer, and 49% seek a beer that uses the ‘finest ingredients’.

“The results of the survey identified a number of things; firstly that consumers are more time poor than ever, and what was interesting, is that consumers are now looking to spend these precious hours in pubs, trying new things, and trading up their usual order,” comments Marston’s head of commercial marketing John Clements, on behalf of Kirin Ichiban.

“It’s fantastic to see that the public is still in love with their local, this provides a great opportunity for operators to broaden their horizons and try something new within their range.

“In recent years it’s been reported that wet led pubs have begun to rise again, and our survey findings do appear to mirror this.

“There is now fantastic opportunity for operators to train their teams on the importance of beer, its heritage, brewing processes, and any brand stories – because consumers are truly interested.

“Beer is the biggest cash generator in a till, operators shouldn’t be afraid to stock more unusual or premium beers, the consumer thirst is evident.”