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Feeling fresh?

A very warm welcome to the first issue of Pub & Bar for 2019. How are we feeling? Fresh? Optimistic? Positively psyched? I do hope so.

Last year may well have been the most trying 12 months for millions of people within the UK for some time, as uncertainty and the coldness of bickering chilled news feeds, family dinners and pub chats. Politics did a decent job at crushing agreeability across the country and even those who shared the same views confided in mutual pessimism. With so many so angry, maintaining a positive mindset was understandably tricky.

So will the turn of a new year bring the revelations and revitalisations that a lot of people are hoping for? Who knows. For the truth is, each and every positive alteration in an individual’s life or business has to come from them. Positivity can stem from proactivity. This is why our January 2019 issue has a glowing theme of renaissance throughout it – we want to help kick-start your year.

In fact, our lead interview would have tied into that theme beautifully had the company in question not changed its name to Three Cheers Pub Co back in 2015. Formerly called Renaissance Pubs, Three Cheers is just one of the multiple operators to strike up a managed partnership with Ei Group. As the collaboration opens its newest site in Balham, south London, I chat to Mark Reynolds about how it’s all going (page 22).

Immediately following that article is the return of our #TryJanuary focus – you know the score by now, right? This is the month to get the pub goers of the UK to try something new and continue to visit pubs and bars, even if they’re off the booze and onto the treadmill. Read more about that on page 26. What’s more, if you are catering for customers who are partaking in DryJanuary, then flick to page 28 for an in-depth look at low and no alcoholic drinks. There is plenty of new and opportunistic activity happening around this category. Enjoy.

Tristan O’Hana - Editor