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Get the beers in

Last month, deputy editor Rosanna Spence ran a news round-up on entitled ‘Cheers! Five reasons to celebrate the on-trade this month’. It featured five feel-good stories that we’ve reported on over the past few weeks.

What caught my eye is that three of the five stories she selected were about brewers or beer-based operators – Greene King, Brakspear and BrewDog all featured in the summary (and, no, we didn’t report on the latest controversial BrewDog bicker-bait marketing – that’s not our bag, thanks). But we did feature beer news, and lots of it. And if beer content is your thing, then this issue of Pub & Bar is certainly for you. What most consumers don’t realise, but what every industry insider is all too aware of, is that beer is a controversial topic. Whether you’re talking ties, definitions or marketing, someone somewhere is always ready to put the boot in. Twitter’s echo chamber grows ever louder on this topic. But, you know what? That’s not our bag either. We’re here to talk about the opportunities that the growth in beer chatter and awareness brings to the on-trade. Despite writing about this industry for a number of years now, I’m still surprised when my friends start talking to me about hops, carbonation and the latest saison from Cloudwater Brew Co. Consumers are savvier than ever before, lest we forget, but they mostly care about the beer and the brands producing it – they’re not too fussed about the politics.

With that in mind, let’s focus on some beery positives in the September issue. From page 28, we’ve got a whopper of a beer feature that looks at everything from craft and cask to dispense. We’ve been chatting to Heist Bank, Fourpure, Carlsberg UK and many more beer fanatics, large and small, about the latest considerations from this powerhouse category. Following that, Rosanna Spence shares her take on micropubs on page 36. If you’re still thirsty for more, turn to page 44 to read about the time I spent with six American craft brewers at the latest Brewers Association lunch at BRAT in Shoreditch. Enjoy the issue.

Tristan O’Hana - Editor