Deltic removes plastic straws from its estate

Deltic removes plastic straws from its estate

The Deltic Group has become the latest operator to completely ditch plastic straws across its entire estate, replacing them with an eco-friendly alternative.

The late night bar and club group has launched its #nostrawsattached campaign across its 57 venues.

Replacing plastic straws are an alternative made from PLA – a plant-based plastic that biodegrades in six months and contains 67% less embodied carbon than oil based PP plastic.

The new PLA straws will be disposed of in allocated food waste bins which will be rolled out across the estate in late March.

Deltic will provide its staff with the necessary guidelines to ensure straws and plastics are recycled properly, reinforcing a best eco-friendly process.

“We are pleased to announce that we will no longer be buying, using or serving plastic straws to any of our customers at any of our venues,” says Peter Marks, chief executive of The Deltic Group.

“These changes form part of a broader commitment to run a more environmentally friendly and sustainable operation.”