ALMR urges MPs to support UK music venues

ALMR urges MPs to support UK music venues

The ALMR urged MPs to support UK music venues, releasing a statement in advance of yesterday’s parliamentary debate on the Agent of Change Principle, which was approved in the House of Commons.

“A UK-wide adoption of the Agent of Change Principle would be a pragmatic and positive move that would secure the status of our hugely important music venues and nightclubs,” comments Kate Nicholls, ALMR chief executive.

“As a country, we are fiercely proud of our world-class musical talent and our history of producing musical pioneers and innovators. Should music venues continue to be placed at risk by developers, this talent will have nowhere to flourish.

“Venues are crucial parts of local communities and fantastic cultural and economic assets.

“The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has already included the Principle in the Draft London Plan, recognising the value of London’s music venues and the significant damage that would be done should they close.

“We are urging MPs to support the Principle to secure the future of music venues across the UK.”

The Agent of Change Principle means that an individual or business that affects change (i.e. a development near a music venue) is responsible for any negative impact brought about by such change.

Likewise, music venues that change or update sound equipment need to ensure that their noise emissions don’t increase and impact surrounding neighbours, for example.