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The Class of 2018

And so we say farewell to 2018. Quite the year, wasn’t it? While the UK and the US dealt with some of the most unstable political events in recent history, the pubs and bars of our land have soldiered on, unremitting in their services providing the finest social experiences in the world.

I won’t use this platform to share my personal views of Theresa and Donald (I’ll save that for Twitter), but on politics, what I will do is tip my cap to this industry’s tireless trade bodies. Our friends at the British Beer & Pub Association and UKHospitality (UKH) are doing some wonderful things for this market. At such uncertain times for all businesses, utilising the services of these organisations is well worth doing. The end of November saw myself and a selection of other trade media editors attend a dinner with Kate Nicholls of UKH, so she could update us on the latest challenges facing the hospitality sector and, crucially, what UKH are doing to ease these issues. While the dinner may have left us disheartened – if not completely disillusioned – about potential setbacks that post-30 March 2019 will bring, hearing about the work UKH is doing on behalf of the sector was not only encouraging, but also a little inspiring.

We like inspiration. It’s what the on-trade feeds off. Trends and buying habits inspire and influence operators on how they manage their business and what products they’re offering guests. In the final issue of Pub & Bar for 2018, we’re looking to the future, while reflecting on the past. In terms of forward momentum, flick to page 24, where you’ll find nine Q&A interviews with some highly esteemed operators. Our features writer Esther Anyakwo has been speaking with these industry leaders about menu development trends for the upcoming year.

If short-term nostalgia is your thing, or if you enjoy reflecting on the triumphant trends of the year gone by, turn to page 32 for a brand new addition to our December issue. We have gone through every product release of the last 12 months and highlighted three key launches from suppliers each month. Class of 2018 – Products in Review can not only allow you to assess what introductions have done well in your venue(s), but it can also give you an idea as to what just doesn’t work. If only our political leaders could do the same.

Tristan O’Hana - Editor