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Over the next two months, 40% of your potential festive season customers will be looking to make their Christmas pub reservations. Are you and your teams ready for the late influx?

What’s more, 60% of these pub goers have opted to eat their main Christmas meal in the on-trade in the past. That’s a hefty number that we don’t want to drop. This data has been taken from our most recent exclusive collaboration with Morar HPI, who we have partnered up with to bring you Pub & Bar’s first ever Christmas Report. More hefty numbers can be found from page 24.

Loyal readers will be aware of our reports, which we run frequently throughout the year. Ordinarily, we focus on product categories (as seen in March’s Cocktail Report and April’s Soft Drinks Report).

However, while planning 2018’s topics and contemplating the most crucial occasions in the on-trade calendar, we reasoned that some of the most valuable insight we could offer our readers is the plans people have for the festive season. Are they going to the pub on Christmas Day? How much are they going to spend? Which pub chains are they planning on visiting?

Most of the Christmas Report makes for encouraging reading, but while 60% have previously experienced a pub meal on Christmas Day, 40% are, so far, not that way inclined. This offers a challenging opportunity for operators. If they’re yet to book into your pub for a Christmas meal, what can you do to change that? It’s worth noting that 45% of pub goers find adverts inside your venue the most effective form of marketing what’s in store. Be warned, though, as out of those folk who do rock around your Christmas tree come the 25th, nearly half of them expect a free drink on arrival.

I for one will most certainly be visiting the pub on Christmas Day. Sadly, just 15% of those surveyed in the Christmas Report are planning on stopping by their pub for a drink before tucking into their festive feasts. As an industry, let’s do all we can to increase that number before we hear the sound of 12 drummers drumming.

Tristan O’Hana - Editorial Director