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Eyes on the high street

Dear Pub & Bar readers,

I hope this July edition of the magazine finds you well, and that you have been able to capitalise on the good weather and World Cup opportunities that came with June. I’ve certainly been doing my bit when it comes to supporting your businesses.

Now, I’m writing to you with some very important news about Pub & Bar’s Pub Goers Conference, which we have been running every October for the past three years. The event, which is made up of a series of exclusive talks and presentations all about the pub goers of the UK, is evolving. And, you know what? I’m extremely excited about it.

While the content of the Pub Goers Conference allowed attendees to learn about their customers and potential pub visitors, each year we also included a focus on another market within the high street – last year, Morar HPI presented on how millennials are using restaurants, for example. These additional focuses proved extremely popular, as they encouraged pub and bar operators to look beyond their own sector and activate operations which incorporated elements that appealed to those who weren’t favouring pubs.

You may have noticed a new column appear in the news pages over the past couple of months (page 8), which summarises key learnings from BITES, a fortnightly high street update from Pub & Bar’s publishing house, H2O Publishing. BITES, which stands for Brands, Insights, Trends and Experiences, looks at every part of foodservice and hospitality on the high street, and informs readers on key activity that could directly affect and inspire their own businesses.

I’m delighted to tell you that in October this year the Pub Goers Conference will evolve into BITES Live, an all-encompassing high street conference for hospitality and foodservice operators. The content will focus on key topics that can alter the decisions made in any number of pub and bar businesses, such as deliveries, data, consumer loyalty, trend-shaping technology and the experiential economy. Turn to page 12 to see the incredible speaker line-up at the very first BITES Live.

I very much hope to see you there.

Tristan O’Hana, Group Editor