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Chance is a fine thing

Don’t you just love a convenient coincidence? When the stars align, the gods are on your side and everything comes together in such a harmonious fashion that anyone would think you had planned it all along – it’s a fine feeling.

This happened a couple of times during the production of this issue. The first instance was when I was deliberating which operator to talk to for our lead interview piece. Just as I was about to make a call to set this up, I received an invitation to chat with Wetherspoon’s founder Tim Martin. Opinionated, driven, occasionally controversial – perfect. You can read what he had to say from page 22.

The second coincidence was a little more fortuitous. It was back in October that we penned in a topic focus on social media for this issue – the fast-paced, ever-evolving nature of this platform means that there will always be something pubs and bars can learn more about. So, last month, having completed the interview with Mr Martin, I was delighted/shocked to hear that Wetherspoon’s had decided to shut down all of its social media accounts with immediate effect. It was wonderful timing for Pub & Bar’s May issue. What’s more, the reaction (in and out of the Wetherspoon’s business) made for fascinating observation, particularly when an unhappy employee temporarily took over the JDW Twitter account. You can read about that, as well as my take on the current value of social media, on page 26.

When we weren’t all wrapped up in Wetherspoon’s work, last month saw the Pub & Bar team busying ourselves with a couple of huge projects. As you will know, we’ve been searching for the 2018 National Pub & Bar Awards winners since January. Those of you who follow Pub & Bar online will have seen that the 94 County Winners of this year have now been announced. Turn to page 6 to find out who has triumphed this year.

And talking of online, we’ve also launched a new fortnightly newsletter for the hospitality and foodservice industry that focuses on short and snappy updates on how consumers are spending on the high street. The new product is called BITES (Brands, Insights, Trends, Experiences) and is completely free to subscribe too. You can find out more on page 14. Enjoy the issue.

Tristan O’Hana - Group Editor