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Lessons to takeaway

During the week when this magazine was set to go to the printers, we had ourselves a bit of snow. Not sure if you noticed. I think some people shared the odd picture on the internet, should you care to relive the whitewash.

I was actually pleasantly surprised when London’s transport system didn’t come to a grinding halt and I was able to honour the various commitments I had made to attend press briefings and launches that week. However, the rest of the country told a different story, and with our printers being forced to close for a few days, the arrival of this issue of Pub & Bar was slightly delayed. Apologies. But what is it our friends at Guinness say? Good things come to those who wait?

During the snow experienced at the beginning of March, it was interesting to monitor how pubs and bars went about marketing themselves. It can be tough enough to entice warm home-dwellers out of their front doors during the colder months, let alone when there are -5°C winds and treacherous pavements to face. Most would rather stay in and order a takeaway. In which case, should your business be offering that as part of its service? The exponential growth in high quality delivery options from a variety of high street outlets has meant that pubs and bars are having to consider this revenue stream as a serious extension of day-to-day operations. In your March edition of Pub & Bar, we’ve taken a look at some of the takeaway and delivery essentials that operators should know, whether they’re confident in this kind of catering or simply curious about people calling for food. You can read Rosanna Spence’s report on page 44.

Last month, in preparation for this issue’s accommodation feature (page 48), I was shown around some bedrooms of a beautifully restored London pub. Some of the rooms had been occupied the night before. One room, which we happened to beat the cleaners to, had the remnants of last night’s dinner wedged into a bin in the corner. It was a PizzaExpress takeaway box. While the two offers of takeaways and accommodation don’t logically sit together, I couldn’t help but think this particular pub had missed an opportunity of combining two highly popular revenue streams. One to think about, perhaps.

Tristan O’Hana - Group Editor