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All-round on-trade

While researching this issue’s lead interviewee, I came across a declaration from the company that said its venues were a modern alternative to the pub.

During the conversation, we discussed this point and the slight awkwardness of the interview being carried out for inclusion in a magazine named ‘Pub & Bar’ – that sentence has since been removed from Veeno’s website. The Italian wine café brand never wanted to keep people away from pubs – the idea was simply to add a different offer to the ever-diverse UK on-trade, which Nino Caruso and his fellow co-founder Andrea Zecchino have clearly achieved.

Veeno is a classic example of how the modern on-trade and the UK high street have evolved over the past 10 or so years. Branded wine bars are no new thing, but that’s not what a Veeno site represents – a Veeno site represents Italian tradition, passion for fine products, and a style of outlet that many consumers are instinctively using during a time when diversification or a unique company story can secure loyal custom for a number of years. Read the Veeno story from page 22.

The variation and versatility of the industry is wonderfully prevalent in this issue of Pub & Bar. In our breakfast and brunch feature, we’ve covered the results of the 2018 National Breakfast Awards (page 42), which, brilliantly enough, was won by a pub. The Brigands Inn in Machynlleth, Wales, can now claim the business-boosting title of serving the best breakfast in the UK. Not bad for a day’s work.

My trip to Corsham for the pub review on page 44 also testifies to just how assorted the style of pubs can be within one small town. I was there to visit The Methuen Arms, but also checked out a few of the other local establishments while I was in the area – and I’m so glad I did. It gave me plenty of insight into a few Wiltshire pubs, which has been duly noted when considering this year’s National Pub & Bar Awards. Once again, we’re looking for the best pubs in every county of the UK (page 12) and, what’s more, entries are now open.

Tristan O’Hana - Group Editor