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It’s a marketing thing

So often this industry sees flash-in-the-pan projects: a venue experiences pre-opening hype, the critics go wild, the bloggers’ minds are boggled, and customers feverishly fuel Instagram until their hearts can take no more dopamine.

And then it all goes quiet – there’s no more hype, no more boggled bloggers and the critics have another column to fill. More often than not, this initial wave of attention is a result of a successful marketing campaign from the operators behind the venue and the marketing teams they have in place. It’s planned and carefully executed in order to communicate with as many people as possible, before welcoming them through the door. But why should it stop there?

Marketing is not just about the introduction of something new. You can understand this common misconception due to most advertising revolving around fresh launches. But marketing is actually about longevity; it’s about keeping your business in the eyes and thoughts of those you wish to communicate with and attract. With this in mind, God bless the internet. The veteran operators among you will be able to remember the days before the worldwide web opened up one gigantic marketing stratosphere, and whether you prefer those days or not, that fact is they’re gone. RIP. The days of fast-paced thoughts and frantic reactions are here, and they need to be respected. If the internet and other mediums are utilised correctly, and in correlation with the style of your offer, on-going marketing efforts can do wonders for reinforcing continual footfall.

In this issue of Pub & Bar, we’ve got our third and final marketing focus for this year (page 40). Deputy editor Charlie Whitting has been out speaking to a number of readers about how they market their own venues, and we’ve also got a special feature on how to market (and continue to market) a new opening. Elsewhere, you can read all about TT Liquor, the multifaceted venue in east London (page 20), as well as how to prepare for Christmas (page 26), an event that requires the most successful and strategic marketing schedule of the year.

Tristan O’Hana - Group Editor