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Patriotism and provenance

Whether you’re a sports-mad site or passionate about provenance, the British Isles has plenty to offer your guests.

When we hosted this year’s National Burger Awards back in February, I kept a close eye on what social media burger buzz was ticking away in the digital background. Who was chatting patties in the cyber stratosphere?

Not long before DJ BBQ announced the winners of the 2017 event, #NationalBurgerAwards was trending at number one across the UK on Twitter, a level of stature exemplified by the fact that it took the Brit Awards to knock the competition off of the top spot. It made me think – the National Burger Awards were truly representing their title. It has become a competition that the nation gets caught up in – the Brits, but for burgers.

If this was true for the celebration of one humble menu item, then the befitting status of the imminent National Pub & Bar Awards is wide open for 94 pubs and bars to use. In this issue of Pub & Bar magazine, we reveal a leading venue for every area of the United Kingdom, who have now all been crowned the best in their county (page 6). With the celebrations already underway, these 94 winners will now make the journey to BAFTA in London on Tuesday 23 May to see if they’ve gone one step further by winning a Regional Award, not to mention the overall National Pub & Bar of the Year title. As 2016’s winners will tell you, the PR and marketing opportunities around being the best in county are almost endless, so don’t forget to shout about it!

As a rather fitting tribute to the best pubs and bars that Britain has to offer, we’ve got a few more patriotic pages lined up across the rest of this issue. For starters, you know as well as I do how more and more of your guests are keen to quiz you on the provenance of produce. They know there’s been a courgette shortage recently, so where have you got yours from, huh? You can read all about how best to consider British provenance from page 30.

And for those who don’t care how your garden grows and just want to happily chomp on sausage rolls and bar snacks, operators need to look no further than Great British sport. We all know how passionate sports fans can be when supporting their country, so have a read of our dedicated article on page 36 and see how you can tap into this trade tradition.

Tristan O’Hana - Group Editor